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Shipping is charged using the following table. We ship only via USPS Priority Mail as we have found this the most reliable service available. Any other shipping method will incur an additional cost.

Order total of 0.00 - 20.00 Shipping = $9.00
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Order total of 41.00 - 60.00 Shipping = $11.00
Order total of 61.00 - 80.00 Shipping = $13.00
Order total of 81.00 - 100.00 Shipping = $15.00
Order total of 101.00 - 120.00 Shipping = $16.00
Order total of 121.00 - 150.00 Shipping = $18.00
Order total of 151.00 - 180.00 Shipping = $20.00
Order total of 181.00 - 200.00 Shipping = $22.00
Order total of 201.00 - 225.00 Shipping = $25.00
Order total of 226.00 - 250.00 Shipping = $30.00
Order total of 251.00 - 400.00 Shipping = $35.00
Order total of 401.00 - 500.00 Shipping = $50.00
Order total of 501.00 - 1000.00 Shipping = $60.00
Order total of 1001.00 or greater Shipping = $75.00


If you are not completely satisfied with the plants you receive from us please return them immediately. Your money, plus return postage, will be refunded immediately. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our plants!
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2 x Peperomia asperula x dolabriformis (BGH 70496) 4-inch pots
3 x Peperomia prostrata 3-inch pots
3 x Callisia fragrans 8-inch pots
3 x Peperomia graveolens 3-inch pots
2 x Echinofossulocactus zacatacacensis 4-inch pots
2 x Crassula rupestris ssp. marnieriana 2-inch pots
2 x Bursera schlechtendalii 5-inch pots
2 x Mammillaria wildii 4-inch pots
2 x Mammillaria parkinsonii 5-inch pots
1 x Dioon spinulosum 6-inch pots
2 x Zamioculcas zamiifolia (clone 1) 8-inch pots
2 x Chlorophytum comosum cv 'Variegatum' 6-inch pots
2 x Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata 5-inch pots
2 x Cyphostemma quinatum 5-inch pots
2 x Tradescantia pallida 5-inch pots
3 x Tradescantia sillamontana cv 'White Velvet' 4-inch pots
3 x Cyphostemma juttae one-gallon pots
3 x Cyphostemma quinatum 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus (green form) 4-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides “nana” 5-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. tithymaloides 3-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus (green form) one-gallon pots
2 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus sp. (Jalisco, Mexico) 5-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus bracteatus one-gallon pots
2 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus 5-inch pots
1 x Synadenium grantii cv 'Rubra' 5-inch pots
1 x Acacia erioloba 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 4-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $75
1 x Acacia willardiana one-gallon pots
1 x Mammillaria melanocentra 5-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 2-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus barbatus 5-inch pots
2 x Gift Certificate $25
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) herrei 4-inch pots
1 x Melocactus curvispinus ssp. caesius 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mirabilis var. calcarea 4-inch pots
1 x Dorstenia hybrid 3-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus barbatus 4-inch pots
3 x Fouquieria ochoterenae 2-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $200
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 5-inch pots
1 x Echinocereus roemeri 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria ochoterenae 5-inch pots
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) vanderietiae 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 3-inch pots
2 x Dorstenia hybrid 5-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $50
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) 4-inch pots
3 x Dorstenia zanzibarica 4-inch pots
1 x Parodia nivosa 4-inch pots
2 x Gift Certificate $100
1 x Jatropha cathartica 8-inch pots
1 x Jatropha cordata 2-gallon pots
1 x Fouquieria macdougalii one-gallon pots
1 x Fouquieria macdougalii 2-inch pots
2 x Haworthia mirabilis (mundula, clone 1) 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 5-inch pots
1 x Notocactus uebelmannianus 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) 5-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria ochoterenae one-gallon pots
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) one-gallon pots
2 x Dorstenia hybrid 4-inch pots
1 x Jatropha curcas one-gallon pots
1 x Ficus macrophylla 2-gallon pots
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) vanderietiae 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mirabilis var. calcarea 3-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus socotranus 4-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $150
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 2-inch pots
1 x Mammillaria spinosissima 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 8-inch pots
1 x Jatropha macrocarpa one-gallon pots
1 x Fouquieria diguetii 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria diguetii 3-inch pots
2 x Fouquieria macdougalii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mirabilis (mundula, clone 2) 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. tithymaloides 8-inch pots
2 x Endadenium gossweileri 4-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides “nana” 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. smallii (variegated) 4-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus bracteatus 5-inch pots
3 x Pedilanthus sp. (Jalisco, Mexico) one-gallon pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘Chocolate‘ 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia gracilis var. picturata (MBB 6930) 3-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. smallii (variegated) one-gallon p
1 x Endadenium gossweileri 5-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. smallii (variegated) 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. arcana 4-inch pots
1 x Kleinia descoingsii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia fasciata (Port Elizabeth, RSA) 4-inch pots
1 x Astrophytum capricorne 2-inch pots
1 x Aloe acutissima var. fiherensis 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘breticula‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cooperi var. leightonii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia retusa (Heidelberg) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. reddii (GM 420) 3-inch pots
1 x Echinopsis subdenudata cv ‘Fuzzy Navel‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mantellii 5-inch pots
1 x Ceraria fruticulosa (little-leaf form) 4-inch pots
1 x Commiphora oblongifolia 2-gallon pots
1 x Agave inaequidens (Tapalpa) 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia heidelbergensis x truncata 2-inch pots
1 x Delosperma macrostigma 2-inch pots
1 x Echinopsis ancistrophora ssp. arachnacantha 5-inch pots
1 x Cheiridopsis acuminata 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia tortuosa 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cuspidata x retusa 5-inch pots
1 x Pleiospilos compactus 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia turgida var. suberecta (Brandwag) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia reticulata (ambigua) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mantellii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. reddii (GM 420) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. obtusa (IB 258) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia retusa 3-inch pots
1 x Hylocereus undatus 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia retusa fa. fouchei (GM 307) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. arcana 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cassytha 4-inch pots
1 x Hamatocactus setispinus 3-inch pots
1 x Echinopsis hybrid 2-inch pots
1 x Agave victoriae-reginae 2-inch pots
1 x Erythrina livingstoniana one-gallon pots
1 x Discocactus araneispinus 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia herbacea var. herbacea 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia turgida var. suberecta (Brandwag) 4-inch pots
1 x Astrophytum myriostigma cv ‘Onzuka‘ 2-inch pots
1 x Echinocactus grusonii 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia turgida var. longibracteata (IB 4201) 4-inch pots
1 x Yucca gloriosa (variegated) 2-gallon pots
1 x Haworthia herbacea var. herbacea 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia reinwardtii fm zebrina (GM 294) 4-inch pots
1 x Gymnocalycium cardenasianum 4-inch pots
1 x Hoya carnosa cv ‘Tricolor‘ 6-inch pots
1 x Aloe citrina 4-inch pots
1 x Aloe fievetii 4-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria canaliculata (dwarf form) one-gallon pots
1 x Gymnocalycium occultum 2-inch pots
2 x Hereroa wilmaniae 4-inch pots
1 x Adenium obesum (purple) one-gallon pots
1 x Aloe esculenta 5-inch pots
1 x Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi 3-inch pots
1 x Gymnocalycium horstii 3-inch pots
1 x Ariocarpus retusus one-gallon pots
1 x Sansevieria canaliculata (dwarf form) 5-inch pots
1 x Espostoa melanostele 4-inch pots
1 x Cereus hildemannianus ssp. uruguayanus 4-inch pots
1 x Lobivia aurea ssp. sierragrandiensis 4-inch pots
1 x Lobivia pojoensis var. grandiflora 4-inch pots
1 x Mammillaria hahniana 5-inch pots
1 x Aloe ciliaris var. ciliaris one-gallon pots
1 x Aloe eumassawana one-gallon pots
1 x Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi 4-inch pots
1 x Lobivia aculeata 5-inch pots
1 x Hoya obovata 8-inch pots
1 x T-shirt, Euphorbia pachypodioides, XL, gray
1 x Hoya carnosa cv ‘Krimson Princess‘ 6-inch pots
1 x Cephalophyllum alstonii 6-inch pots
1 x Echinocereus rayonesensis (L1101) 4-inch pots
1 x Kalanchoe beharensis 4-inch pots
1 x Aloe cooperi one-gallon pots
1 x Gymnocalycium horstii 4-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria conspicua (WY 1032-2) 8-inch pots
1 x Echinocereus reichenbachii ssp. albispinus 3-inch pots
2 x Delosperma echinatum 3-inch pots
1 x Frailea buenekeri 2-inch pots
1 x Frailea buenekeri 3-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria elliptica (WY 1031) one-gallon pots
1 x Echinopsis crassicaulis cv ‘Red Velvet‘ 3-inch pots
1 x Frailea pumila ssp. albispina 3-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria fischeri (N of Mangea, Kenya) 5-inch pots
1 x Agave striata ssp. falcata 4-inch pots
1 x Echinocactus grusonii 3-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria gracilis 8-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus flavovirens 2-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria burmanica 8-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana (albidens) 3-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tigrina 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema littlewoodii 5-inch pots
1 x Kleinia anteuphorbicum 5-inch pots
1 x Agave bracteosa 2-inch pots
1 x Ebracteola wilmaniae 2-inch pots
1 x Delosperma crassum (SB 995) 3-inch pots
1 x Xerosicyos danguyi 4-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus viridescens ssp. orcuttii 4-inch pots
1 x Aloinopsis rubrolineata 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tigrina 2-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus herrerae 4-inch pots
1 x Hoya publicalyx 8-inch pots
1 x Aloe fragilis 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tuberculosa 4-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus hamatacanthus 3-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus gracilis ssp. coloratus 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata cv ‘Lime Green‘ 3-inch pots
1 x Carruanthus peersii 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema mirabile 5-inch pots
1 x Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp. aurantiaca 2-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus wislizenii 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria subintegra 5-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema decorum one-gallon pots
1 x Plumeria obtusa cv 'Lemon Drop' 3-gallon pots
1 x Aloe glauca 5-inch pots
1 x Delosperma esterhyuseniae 2-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus pottsii 5-inch pots
1 x Aloe hildebrandtii one-gallon pots
1 x Ferocactus glaucescens fm inermis 5-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus viridescens 3-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus santa-maria 5-inch pots
1 x Agave potatorum cv 'kichiokan‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Agave bovicornuta 5-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tuberculosa 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata cv ‘Sizunami‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum depressum 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana 3-inch pots
1 x Titanopsis hugo-schlecteri 2-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum cruciatum 5-inch pots
1 x Aloinopsis acuta 4-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus schwarzii 2-inch pots
1 x Faucaria subintegra 3-inch pots
1 x Firmiana colorata 3-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum nelii 3-inch pots
1 x Delosperma echinatum 4-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum carnosum 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema rogersiae 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis (variegated) 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana (albidens) 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata cv ‘Lime Green‘ one-gallon pots
1 x Glottiphyllum carnosum 5-inch pots
1 x Dracaena draco one-gallon pots
1 x Glottiphyllum depressum 3-inch pots
1 x Agave cv ‘Blue Glow‘ 2-gallon pots
1 x Glottiphyllum carnosum 3-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema intonsum 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema mirabile 2-inch pots
1 x Manfreda maculosa 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata var. truncata 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata var. truncata (VDV 120) 4-inch pots
2 x Haworthia pumila 2-inch pots
2 x Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. ubomboensis 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia marumiana var. marumiana (IB 353) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. arcana 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia marumiana var. batesiana 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia angustifolia hybrid 3-inch pot
1 x Haworthia emelyae (picta tricolor, GM 256) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia chloracantha var. chloracantha (VDV 40) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia caespitosa (McGregor) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cuspidata 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia caespitosa (IB 2869) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia emelyae var. emelyae (picta) 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia emelyae var. major 4-inch pots
1 x Adenia glauca 4-inch pots
1 x Frankincense (Boswellia sacra exudate) coarse 28 g
1 x Dragon's Blood
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) crassicaule 5-inch pots
1 x Zamioculcas zamiifolia (clone 1) 2-gallon pots
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