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1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 8-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus barbatus 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) one-gallon pots
1 x Plectranthus barbatus 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 4-inch pots
1 x Adenia pseudoglobosa (rooted cuttings) 4-inch pots
1 x Adenia volkensii one-gallon pots
1 x Adenia glauca 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia turgida var. turgida 3-inch pots
1 x Lithops salicola (malachite form) 2-inch pots
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) vanderietiae 2-inch pots
1 x Euphorbia furcata 4-inch pots
1 x Rabiea albinota 4-inch pots
1 x Aloe ballyi (WY 1044) one-gallon pots
1 x Mangave cv ‘Macho Mocha‘ 5-inch pots
1 x Crassula cv ‘Pagoda Village‘ 2-inch pots
1 x Leuchtenbergia principis 4-inch pots
1 x Kalanchoe synsepala var. synsepala 4-inch pots
1 x Euphorbia gemmea 3-inch pots
1 x Euphorbia fascicaulis 3-inch pots
1 x Deilanthe thudchumii 4-inch pots
1 x Uebelmannia pectinifera 3-inch pots
1 x Argyroderma brevipes 2-inch pots
1 x Euphorbia gillettii ssp. tenuoir 3-inch pots
1 x Marlothistella uniondalensis 4-inch pots
1 x Hesperoyucca whipplei var. whipplei 5-inch pots
1 x Cheiridopsis imitans 4-inch pots
1 x Stapelia hybrid 2-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema rogersiae 4-inch pots
1 x Rebutia narvaecensis 4-inch pots
1 x Adenium somalense x (somalense x obesum) 5-inch pots
1 x Marlothistella stenophylla 4-inch pots
1 x Adenium obesum (purple) 8-inch pots
1 x Mammillaria hahniana 4-inch pots
1 x Aloe gilbertii 5-inch pots
1 x Matelea cyclophylla 4-inch pots
1 x Adenium multiflorum 10-inch pots
1 x Aloe canarina one-gallon pots
1 x Adenium arabicum cv 'Fat Guy' x self 2-inch pots
1 x Cylindropuntia imbricata 5-inch pots
1 x Cylindropuntia caribaea 4-inch pots
1 x Alluaudia humbertii 4-inch pots
1 x Dorstenia hybrid 3-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria macdougalii one-gallon pots
1 x Endadenium gossweileri 5-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides “nana” 5-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus bracteatus 5-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus (green form) one-gallon pots
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