Haworthia cassytha 3-inch pots


According to Bayer (1999), this species doesn't even exist. Well, somehow, we got some anyway, and we continue to offer it. It is a cute little Haworthia that is related to Haworthia attenuata, H. coarctata, and (or) H. reinwardtii. These plants are offsets in 3-inch pots.

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2 x Peperomia asperula x dolabriformis (BGH 70496) 4-inch pots
3 x Peperomia prostrata 3-inch pots
3 x Callisia fragrans 8-inch pots
3 x Peperomia graveolens 3-inch pots
2 x Echinofossulocactus zacatacacensis 4-inch pots
2 x Crassula rupestris ssp. marnieriana 2-inch pots
2 x Bursera schlechtendalii 5-inch pots
2 x Mammillaria wildii 4-inch pots
2 x Mammillaria parkinsonii 5-inch pots
1 x Dioon spinulosum 6-inch pots
2 x Zamioculcas zamiifolia (clone 1) 8-inch pots
2 x Chlorophytum comosum cv 'Variegatum' 6-inch pots
2 x Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata 5-inch pots
2 x Cyphostemma quinatum 5-inch pots
2 x Tradescantia pallida 5-inch pots
3 x Tradescantia sillamontana cv 'White Velvet' 4-inch pots
3 x Cyphostemma juttae one-gallon pots
3 x Cyphostemma quinatum 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus (green form) 4-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides “nana” 5-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. tithymaloides 3-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus (green form) one-gallon pots
2 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus sp. (Jalisco, Mexico) 5-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus bracteatus one-gallon pots
2 x Pedilanthus macrocarpus 5-inch pots
1 x Synadenium grantii cv 'Rubra' 5-inch pots
1 x Acacia erioloba 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 4-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $75
1 x Acacia willardiana one-gallon pots
1 x Mammillaria melanocentra 5-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 2-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus barbatus 5-inch pots
2 x Gift Certificate $25
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) herrei 4-inch pots
1 x Melocactus curvispinus ssp. caesius 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mirabilis var. calcarea 4-inch pots
1 x Dorstenia hybrid 3-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus barbatus 4-inch pots
3 x Fouquieria ochoterenae 2-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $200
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 5-inch pots
1 x Echinocereus roemeri 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria ochoterenae 5-inch pots
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) vanderietiae 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 3-inch pots
2 x Dorstenia hybrid 5-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $50
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) 4-inch pots
3 x Dorstenia zanzibarica 4-inch pots
1 x Parodia nivosa 4-inch pots
2 x Gift Certificate $100
1 x Jatropha cathartica 8-inch pots
1 x Jatropha cordata 2-gallon pots
1 x Fouquieria macdougalii one-gallon pots
1 x Fouquieria macdougalii 2-inch pots
2 x Haworthia mirabilis (mundula, clone 1) 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria splendens 5-inch pots
1 x Notocactus uebelmannianus 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 5-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) 5-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria ochoterenae one-gallon pots
1 x Plectranthus igniarius (Lav 23156) one-gallon pots
2 x Dorstenia hybrid 4-inch pots
1 x Jatropha curcas one-gallon pots
1 x Ficus macrophylla 2-gallon pots
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) vanderietiae 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mirabilis var. calcarea 3-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus socotranus 4-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $150
1 x Plectranthus tenuiflorus 2-inch pots
1 x Mammillaria spinosissima 4-inch pots
1 x Plectranthus amboinicus 8-inch pots
1 x Jatropha macrocarpa one-gallon pots
1 x Fouquieria diguetii 4-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria diguetii 3-inch pots
2 x Fouquieria macdougalii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mirabilis (mundula, clone 2) 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. tithymaloides 8-inch pots
2 x Endadenium gossweileri 4-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides “nana” 4-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. smallii (variegated) 4-inch pots
1 x Pedilanthus bracteatus 5-inch pots
3 x Pedilanthus sp. (Jalisco, Mexico) one-gallon pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘Chocolate‘ 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia gracilis var. picturata (MBB 6930) 3-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. smallii (variegated) one-gallon p
1 x Endadenium gossweileri 5-inch pots
2 x Pedilanthus tithymaloides ssp. smallii (variegated) 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. arcana 4-inch pots
1 x Kleinia descoingsii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. cymbiformis 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia fasciata (Port Elizabeth, RSA) 4-inch pots
1 x Astrophytum capricorne 2-inch pots
1 x Aloe acutissima var. fiherensis 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘breticula‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cooperi var. leightonii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia retusa (Heidelberg) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. reddii (GM 420) 3-inch pots
1 x Echinopsis subdenudata cv ‘Fuzzy Navel‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mantellii 5-inch pots
1 x Ceraria fruticulosa (little-leaf form) 4-inch pots
1 x Commiphora oblongifolia 2-gallon pots
1 x Agave inaequidens (Tapalpa) 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia heidelbergensis x truncata 2-inch pots
1 x Delosperma macrostigma 2-inch pots
1 x Echinopsis ancistrophora ssp. arachnacantha 5-inch pots
1 x Cheiridopsis acuminata 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia tortuosa 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cuspidata x retusa 5-inch pots
1 x Pleiospilos compactus 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia turgida var. suberecta (Brandwag) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia reticulata (ambigua) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia mantellii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. reddii (GM 420) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis var. obtusa (IB 258) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia retusa 3-inch pots
1 x Hylocereus undatus 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia retusa fa. fouchei (GM 307) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. arcana 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cassytha 4-inch pots
1 x Hamatocactus setispinus 3-inch pots
1 x Echinopsis hybrid 2-inch pots
1 x Agave victoriae-reginae 2-inch pots
1 x Erythrina livingstoniana one-gallon pots
1 x Discocactus araneispinus 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia herbacea var. herbacea 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia turgida var. suberecta (Brandwag) 4-inch pots
1 x Astrophytum myriostigma cv ‘Onzuka‘ 2-inch pots
1 x Echinocactus grusonii 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia turgida var. longibracteata (IB 4201) 4-inch pots
1 x Yucca gloriosa (variegated) 2-gallon pots
1 x Haworthia herbacea var. herbacea 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia reinwardtii fm zebrina (GM 294) 4-inch pots
1 x Gymnocalycium cardenasianum 4-inch pots
1 x Hoya carnosa cv ‘Tricolor‘ 6-inch pots
1 x Aloe citrina 4-inch pots
1 x Aloe fievetii 4-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria canaliculata (dwarf form) one-gallon pots
1 x Gymnocalycium occultum 2-inch pots
2 x Hereroa wilmaniae 4-inch pots
1 x Adenium obesum (purple) one-gallon pots
1 x Aloe esculenta 5-inch pots
1 x Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi 3-inch pots
1 x Gymnocalycium horstii 3-inch pots
1 x Ariocarpus retusus one-gallon pots
1 x Sansevieria canaliculata (dwarf form) 5-inch pots
1 x Espostoa melanostele 4-inch pots
1 x Cereus hildemannianus ssp. uruguayanus 4-inch pots
1 x Lobivia aurea ssp. sierragrandiensis 4-inch pots
1 x Lobivia pojoensis var. grandiflora 4-inch pots
1 x Mammillaria hahniana 5-inch pots
1 x Aloe ciliaris var. ciliaris one-gallon pots
1 x Aloe eumassawana one-gallon pots
1 x Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi 4-inch pots
1 x Lobivia aculeata 5-inch pots
1 x Hoya obovata 8-inch pots
1 x T-shirt, Euphorbia pachypodioides, XL, gray
1 x Hoya carnosa cv ‘Krimson Princess‘ 6-inch pots
1 x Cephalophyllum alstonii 6-inch pots
1 x Echinocereus rayonesensis (L1101) 4-inch pots
1 x Kalanchoe beharensis 4-inch pots
1 x Aloe cooperi one-gallon pots
1 x Gymnocalycium horstii 4-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria conspicua (WY 1032-2) 8-inch pots
1 x Echinocereus reichenbachii ssp. albispinus 3-inch pots
2 x Delosperma echinatum 3-inch pots
1 x Frailea buenekeri 2-inch pots
1 x Frailea buenekeri 3-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria elliptica (WY 1031) one-gallon pots
1 x Echinopsis crassicaulis cv ‘Red Velvet‘ 3-inch pots
1 x Frailea pumila ssp. albispina 3-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria fischeri (N of Mangea, Kenya) 5-inch pots
1 x Agave striata ssp. falcata 4-inch pots
1 x Echinocactus grusonii 3-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria gracilis 8-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus flavovirens 2-inch pots
1 x Sansevieria burmanica 8-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana (albidens) 3-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tigrina 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema littlewoodii 5-inch pots
1 x Kleinia anteuphorbicum 5-inch pots
1 x Agave bracteosa 2-inch pots
1 x Ebracteola wilmaniae 2-inch pots
1 x Delosperma crassum (SB 995) 3-inch pots
1 x Xerosicyos danguyi 4-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus viridescens ssp. orcuttii 4-inch pots
1 x Aloinopsis rubrolineata 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tigrina 2-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus herrerae 4-inch pots
1 x Hoya publicalyx 8-inch pots
1 x Aloe fragilis 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tuberculosa 4-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus hamatacanthus 3-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus gracilis ssp. coloratus 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata cv ‘Lime Green‘ 3-inch pots
1 x Carruanthus peersii 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema mirabile 5-inch pots
1 x Fenestraria rhopalophylla ssp. aurantiaca 2-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus wislizenii 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria subintegra 5-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema decorum one-gallon pots
1 x Plumeria obtusa cv 'Lemon Drop' 3-gallon pots
1 x Aloe glauca 5-inch pots
1 x Delosperma esterhyuseniae 2-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus pottsii 5-inch pots
1 x Aloe hildebrandtii one-gallon pots
1 x Ferocactus glaucescens fm inermis 5-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus viridescens 3-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus santa-maria 5-inch pots
1 x Agave potatorum cv 'kichiokan‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Agave bovicornuta 5-inch pots
1 x Faucaria tuberculosa 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata cv ‘Sizunami‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum depressum 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana 3-inch pots
1 x Titanopsis hugo-schlecteri 2-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum cruciatum 5-inch pots
1 x Aloinopsis acuta 4-inch pots
1 x Ferocactus schwarzii 2-inch pots
1 x Faucaria subintegra 3-inch pots
1 x Firmiana colorata 3-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum nelii 3-inch pots
1 x Delosperma echinatum 4-inch pots
1 x Glottiphyllum carnosum 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema rogersiae 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cymbiformis (variegated) 4-inch pots
1 x Faucaria bosscheana (albidens) 2-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata cv ‘Lime Green‘ one-gallon pots
1 x Glottiphyllum carnosum 5-inch pots
1 x Dracaena draco one-gallon pots
1 x Glottiphyllum depressum 3-inch pots
1 x Agave cv ‘Blue Glow‘ 2-gallon pots
1 x Glottiphyllum carnosum 3-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema intonsum 4-inch pots
1 x Trichodiadema mirabile 2-inch pots
1 x Manfreda maculosa 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata var. truncata 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia truncata var. truncata (VDV 120) 4-inch pots
2 x Haworthia pumila 2-inch pots
2 x Haworthia pygmaea var. pygmaea 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. ubomboensis 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia marumiana var. marumiana (IB 353) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia limifolia var. arcana 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia marumiana var. batesiana 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia angustifolia hybrid 3-inch pot
1 x Haworthia emelyae (picta tricolor, GM 256) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia chloracantha var. chloracantha (VDV 40) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia caespitosa (McGregor) 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cuspidata 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia caespitosa (IB 2869) 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia emelyae var. emelyae (picta) 5-inch pots
1 x Haworthia emelyae var. major 4-inch pots
1 x Adenia glauca 4-inch pots
1 x Frankincense (Boswellia sacra exudate) coarse 28 g
1 x Dragon's Blood
1 x Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) crassicaule 5-inch pots
1 x Zamioculcas zamiifolia (clone 1) 2-gallon pots
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