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1 x Gift Certificate $100
1 x Gift Certificate $150
1 x Gift Certificate $25
1 x Acacia erioloba 5-inch pots
1 x Mammillaria spinosissima 4-inch pots
1 x Mammillaria melanocentra 5-inch pots
1 x Melocactus curvispinus ssp. caesius 5-inch pots
1 x Gift Certificate $50
1 x Gift Certificate $75
1 x Gift Certificate $200
1 x Alluaudia humbertii 5-inch pots
1 x Alluaudia procera 5-inch pots
1 x Jatropha cinerea 4-inch pots
1 x Jatropha podagrica 5-inch pots
1 x Jatropha cathartica 8-inch pots
1 x Jatropha cordata 2-gallon pots
1 x Jatropha curcas one-gallon pots
1 x Cyphostemma juttae 4-inch pots
1 x Cyphostemma juttae one-gallon pots
1 x Jatropha gossypiifolia 4-inch pots
1 x Jatropha cathartica one-gallon pots
1 x Jatropha macrocarpa one-gallon pots
1 x Cyphostemma quinatum 4-inch pots
1 x Cyphostemma quinatum 5-inch pots
1 x Talinum caffrum 4-inch pots
1 x Jatropha cordata one-gallon pots
1 x Cyphostemma adenocaule one-gallon pots
1 x Zamioculcas zamiifolia (clone 1) 2-gallon pots
1 x Tradescantia pallida 5-inch pots
1 x Tradescantia sillamontana cv 'White Velvet' 4-inch pots
1 x Dioon spinulosum 6-inch pots
1 x Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata 5-inch pots
1 x Peperomia asperula x dolabriformis (BGH 70496) 4-inch pots
1 x Peperomia prostrata 3-inch pots
1 x Zamioculcas zamiifolia (clone 1) 8-inch pots
1 x Callisia fragrans 8-inch pots
1 x Chlorophytum comosum cv 'Variegatum' 6-inch pots
1 x Peperomia graveolens 3-inch pots
1 x Alluaudia humbertii 3-inch pots
1 x Dorstenia hybrid 3-inch pots
1 x Fouquieria ochoterenae one-gallon pots
1 x Dorstenia zanzibarica 4-inch pots
1 x Dorstenia hybrid 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘breticula‘ 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia glabrata 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cooperi var. leightonii 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘Hayashi′ 4-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘Kevin's Pride' 3-inch pots
1 x Haworthia cv ‘Rick's Pride' 2-inch pots
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