Policies for International Customers

We will sell and ship plants to customers outside of the United States under certain conditions. Our minimum order is $100 in plants with additional shipping and handling charges added. First, we have little to no control over international shipping, unlike for our domestic customers in the United States, and therefore you must explicitly accept full responsibility for lost, stolen, confiscated, or damaged shipments. Second, international financial transactions cost us more in financial fees than for domestic customers, and it takes more time to prepare international shipments, therefore we assess an additional 15% handling fee for all international shipments. We also assess exact shipping charges for all international shipments, which start at $22.75 for international first class shipments weighing less than 2 pounds to most countries. You must explicitly agree to these terms of business before we will accept an order from you. We recommend you place orders on our secure online store but ignore the shipping charges and total charges because shipping will generally be greater and the 15% fee is not included.

Our international customers are responsible for their countries laws and regulations regarding import of succulent plants and cacti. Anyone who wants to purchase plants from us must be aware of whether or not an import permit is required for their country. You also need to be aware of international restrictions on CITES plants. We do not have a CITES permit, and if you are unaware of CITES, please go to www.CITES.org for more information. A brief listing of CITES plants includes all cacti, orchids, Aloes, Euphorbia, Didieriaceae, Pachypodium, Anacampseros, and selected other species from the genera Agave, Beaucarnea, Ceraria, and Senna. Only a few Agaves are on the list, however. Examples of genera NOT on the CITES list include Commiphora, Haworthia, Gasteria, Pelargonium, and Sansevieria.

We strongly suggest you have us obtain a phytosanitary certificate for you. If you are unaware of these certificates, you likely should not be ordering plants from us. A phyto is a certification from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA-APHIS) that the plants are pest free. For orders less than $1250, the phyto costs $61; phytos for higher valued orders are $121.



Dan Katia

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