Recent Taxonomic Changes at Arid Lands Greenhouses

We strive to keep our plant names as current as possible and within our concept of species and genera in the world of succulent plants. We do not always agree with all taxonomic name changes, and the following are ones that we have adapted for our nursery. We have attempted to verify these identifications using on-line resources or by contacting experts in the field. Our most recent changes follow a visit by Susan Carter Holmes, who helped us identify some unnamed plants as well as alter some existing names on plants.

New species name = old species name

Anacampseros, Avonia

Anacampseros subnuda = Anacampseros minatura
Grahamia kurtzii = Anacampseros kurtzii


Albuca ciliaris = Albuca sp.
Albuca flaccida = Albuca canadensis
Albuca spiralis = Albuca 'spiralis'
Anredera cordifolia = Anredera baseloides
Bulbine frutescens = Trachyandra saltii = Anthericum fruticosum
Drimia acarophylla = 'Tick Plant'
Drimiopsis kirkii = Scilla sp. 'Leathery Leaf'
Drimiopsis maculata = Drimia maculata
Ledebouria luteola = Scilla lutea
Ornithogalum cf. juncifolium = Ornithogalum 'Steve Hammer'
Ornithogalum longibracteatum = Ornithogalum caudatum


Crassula grisea = Crassula bakeri
Crassula rupestris ssp. commutata = Crassula commutata
Gasteria hybrid 2 = Orostachys erubescens


Deuterocohnia brevifolia = Abromeitiella chlorantha = Abromeitiella brevifolia


Euphorbia heterospina = Euphorbia atroflora
Euphorbia awashensis = Euphorbia monacantha
Euphorbia ballyana = Euphorbia erlangeri
Euphorbia frankii = Euphorbia sp. aff. fruticosa = Euphorbia 'McCoyii'
Euphorbia erlangeri = Euphorbia migiurtinorum
Euphorbia eyassiana = Euphorbia septrionalis
Euphorbia fimbriata = Euphorbia mammillaris (Type 1)
Euphorbia fimbriata variegated = Euphorbia mammillaris variegated
Euphorbia godana = Euphorbia sp. Djibouti
Euphorbia griseola ssp. griseola ('hardyi') = Euphorbia 'hardyi'
Euphorbia griseola ssp. griseola (Strydom Tunnel) = Euphorbia sp. Strydom Tunnel
Euphorbia limpopoana = Euphorbia sp. Zimbabwe
Euphorbia lyttoniana = Euphorbia pseudocactus (lyttoniana)
Euphorbia monacantha 'Mrs Ash' = Euphorbia sp. Mrs Ash
uphorbia petraea = Euphorbia nigrispina
Euphorbia quadrilatera = Euphorbia quadrialata
Euphorbia septrionalis (Powys 532) = Euphorbia sp. Powys 532
Euphorbia susan-holmesiae = Euphorbia sp. 'tortilis'
Euphorbia tirucalli (laro) = Euphorbia laro


Gasteria batesiana (MR Minaar) = Gasteria batesiana (EVJ 2531)
Gasteria doreeniae = Gasteria brachyphylla
Gasteria retusa= Gasteria carinata var. retusa

Geophytes, Asclepiads

Cissus mayoensis = Cissus sp. Alamos
Cynanchum arinarium (nodosum) = Cynanchum nodosum


Jatropha pelargonifolium var. pelargonifolium (Lav 23366) = Jatropha sp. (Lav 23366)


Aloinopsis luckhoffii (villetii) = Aloinopsis villetii
Delosperma napiforme = Mestoklema macrorhizum


Monadenium schubei 'Purple Stems' = Monadenium sp. (purple stems)

Pachycaul Trees, Others

Ceraria fruticulosa = Ceraria fruticosa
Commiphora lamii = Commiphora lauii
Ipomoea sp. Kenya Lav 23156 = Plectranthus sp. Kenya Lav 23156
Senecio longiflorus ssp. madagascariensis = Notonia madagascarensis
Senecio sempervivus ssp. grantii = Senecio coccineiflorus


Pachypodium 'menabeum' = Pachypodium menabeum


Sansevieria ballyi = Sansevieria suffruticosa
Sansevieria ballyi = Sansevieria 'Minnie'